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How it all began….

Abby Parece was born in Fall River, Massachusetts; the only girl and middle child. She is of Portuguese, Italian and French decent. Growing up Abby enjoyed cheerleading and playing on her Nintendo64, but her true passion was modeling.

She got her first taste for modeling when she was a freshman in high school. Abby’s older brother helped to fund the beginning of what started off as a hobby into a unforeseen career and for that she’s truly grateful. Because of him Abby was able to get a small taste of what it meant to be a model and learn what the modeling world had to offer. She started out doing photoshoots for a local agency and then decided to be a contestant in the Miss Teen USA Rhode Island pageant.

Since then and two kids later, Abby decided take following her dream seriously. In May 2014 her career began to soar when she attended The Bikini Model Search in Cancun, Mexico. There Playboy Mexico was scouting for new faces to add to their publication. During that time she was able to meet with their editors and photographers. Soon after Abby was asked to shoot for Playmate. This was one of the happiest days of her life.


A few months after Abby was invited to attend as a special guest for Playboy Mexico’s 12th Anniversary Party. There they unveiled her on stage as their next Cover Model for the first ever Rock and Roll limited edition issue with Molotov. This was a special moment in history for not only Playboy Mexico but for herself. She says thats a moment she will never forget

Abby’s career immediately took off from there. Since then she’s been able to travel the world and has been given amazing opportunities, that she’s always dreamt about, but now instead of it being a familiar dream its become her reality.

Abby has been mentioned or seen in Maxim, Playboy, iHeart Radio, FHM, E news, CBS Sports …to name a few.

                                                                                 Abby has grown a social media following of over 3.3 Million